How we work

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How we work

Reliability, quality, and performance.

The development of BRUSHING MACHINES and SYSTEMS FOR THE CERAMIC INDUSTRY of IRI srl is based on the professionalism of up-to-date and trained figures, paying particular attention to the constant application of all European standards, resulting in a high-quality product.
Items such as SATELLITE BRUSHING MACHINES or RING BRUSHING MACHINES are the spearheads of our company, they guarantee reliability, quality, and performance.
The combination of these characteristics is the formula with which we design, take care of, and develop every detail of our products.

Developing new solutions for the ceramic industry through our machines is another focal point in terms of priority and professionalism for the company, which has always been committed to researching and creating innovative solutions designed to give something more, able to obtain the satisfaction of the market, which has always been the primary objective of the company. In this regard, we mention two of our best products, symbol of continuous growth, such as the family of BRUSHING MACHINES mod. XL for large slabs or the BRUSHING MACHINES family mod. XLE for cleaning the engobe in the lower part of the tile.